Hair stroke eyebrows– Our hair stroke eyebrow treatment is the perfect solution to thin eyebrows and can make an amazing difference to your face. Our Eyebrows have the power to shape our entire face so giving them a bit of attention can transform your look. Whether you have over plucked or have fair hair this semi-permanent solution can ensure your eyebrows are always looking full and defined even after you remove your makeup.

Ombré powder brow: Our Ombre power brows will give you the perfect natural result you are after. With this solution your eyebrows will be faded at the front but crisp and defined at the tail, resembling the look of makeup.

Eyeliner: Highlight your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner. Our eyeliner treatment will make your eyes pop and enhance your natural features. Semi-permanent eyeliner makes all the difference and ties together any look. If you are an eyeliner addict yet find the process of applying it every morning daunting but essential, then permanent eyeliner may be for you.

Lip colour: Semi-Permanent lip-colour can the perfect solution who those who find themselves reapplying their favourite lippy several times a day. It can also be a great treatment for people who have uneven lips and want a more symmetrical and plumper look. The process involves inserting a pigment of your choice under the first layer of skin. Our pigments will give you a natural result.

Li-ft tattoo removal: We use a revolutionary tattoo removal method that can lighten and remove any unwanted semi-permanent makeup, microblading and body tattoos. The method uses a saline removal solution which is safe and much less painful than laser removal. It is very gentle on the skin and you will not experience any scarring during the process.